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Practical HALT & HASS

... a 2-day course for manufacturers of electronic products:
  • What is wrong with conventional wisdom on reliability engineering?
  • What is a failure mechanism, and what is a failure mode?
  • Why should prototypes be tested beyond specification limits (as in HALT)?
  • When is it safe to overstress production units  (as in HASS)?
  • Why should you invest in special HALT test equipment?
  • How should HALT & HASS be managed in a company?
  • Which industries are using HALT & HASS today?

The objective of this course is to provide product designers (including systems engineers, project managers, design engineers, test engineers and quality engineers) with detailed knowledge on Highly Accelerated Life Testing & Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HALT & HASS).  The course starts with an introduction to reliability engineering to position HALT & HASS as complementary reliability engineering tools applicable to the development and production stages.  Course topics have been selected to show not only “what” HALT & HASS are, but also "how” to perform HALT & HASS.  The course includes a "hands-on" workshop where delegates will have the opportunity to perform a practical HALT on an electronic product.

Course contents

What is reliability engineering? HALT & HASS equipment
Why do products fail?
HALT & HASS management
What is HALT? Companies using HALT & HASS
What is HASS? Practical HALT workshop