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HALT & HASS laboratory

Lambda Consulting has opened the first commercial HALT & HASS test laboratory in South Africa.  The laboratory is equipped with a TC-2.5 Panther Time Compression System from HALT & HASS Systems Corporation.  The chamber has
a 2.5' x 2.5' (or 750 x 750 mm) shaker table, meaning that relatively large products can be tested, or several smaller items can be tested simultaneously.  Clients have to supply their own test equipment to monitor product functionality during testing.

Companies interested in performing HALT (or simply exploring the application of HALT on their products), can contact Albertyn Barnard for more details.  Companies are also welcome to arrange a site visit for their personnel (including a
short lecture on HALT & HASS and demonstration of the HALT facility).

HALT & HASS Training

Lambda Consulting
is the South African representative for Hobbs Engineering Corporation, a US based consulting engineering company providing training on HALT & HASS, and various other courses on reliability engineering.

HALT & HASS Chambers

Lambda Consulting
is the South African representative for Cincinnati Sub-Zero, a US based company providing
environmental test chambers, including a range of HALT & HASS chambers.